Climate controlled chambers

H.A.Davie has worked closely with universities and research institutes for many years. 

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all requests for the total control of temperature, lighting and humidity levels to provide environmental chambers for experimental research.

Our chambers are built to the clients exact specifications and include the regulation of:

Lighting - Computer controlled banks of lighting which can be stepped in sequence to replicate dawn and dusk conditions with total flexibility

Temperature - Accurate control of temperature within the chamber can be achieved with air handling units and textile distribution ducts. Temperature ‘ramping’ can be linked to lighting levels to mimic natural conditions

Humidity - Humidity levels can be controlled with the inclusion of humidifiers to suit particular requirements

Filtration - Air handling units can have filtration added to minimise risk of contamination within the chamber or indeed to the environment

Temperature recording and monitoring:

  •     H.A.Davie can supply and install a comprehensive range of recording and monitoring equipment to cater for all of our customers needs. The systems can be as basic or as in depth as required and can be mechanical or computer based.
  •     Systems can be installed to include:
  •     Connection to building management systems
  •     Telephone auto diallers to report faults 24hrs a day to key personnel
  •     Computer recording
  •     Remote internet monitoring

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